Raffle Instructions

Thank you for enrolling in our donation program. Here are a few tips to help you run your contest:

Before your Event

Receive your Contest Link! In order to raffle a free flipchart to your attendees or followers, you will need to make sure you received your raffle link for your contest. Your link should have been sent in our first email to you and will be in the following format:


During your Event

Share your raffle link! Share your contest link (e.g. https://wipebook.com/11aa22) with attendees/followers and tell them about our products. Let them know one of them will win one for themselves if they visit the link. 

Contest Pop up

Select a winner! Once the entry counter on the contest link has surpassed 20 entries, an automated email will be sent to you asking you to reply in order to select a winner. Just reply to the email and that will trigger our system to automatically select a winner and email participants the raffle results!


When the winner is selected, they will receive an email with instructions to claim their prize.

Participants who did not win the contests will receive an email providing them with a 20% off coupon for our website. 

After your Event

Continue to share the link if you did not receive enough entries! If you did not receive enough entries to select a contest winner, no worries, you can still share the link after the event to educators in your network or on social media, and select the winner afterwards. The link will not expire.



Can I hold more than 1 raffle? Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of raffles you can hold and we are more than happy to send the winner their free Wipebook Flipcharts each time. Your participant list will reset each time a winner is selected but your raffle link will remain the same. Each time you reach 20 participants you will receive the automated email to select a winner. The same person cannot win twice, please encourage unique raffle participants.

I filled out a donation request and haven't heard back, will my request be accepted? Yes, it will. If your request is denied you will receive an automated email right away. We receive thousands of requests and sort them chronologically by event date. We are usually able to communicate regularly beginning 3 weeks from your event. 

When I follow the raffle link it brings me to a purchase page, is my link broken? No, the form for your participants to fill out should appear as a pop-up on that purchase page. Try using another device, clearing your cookies, connecting to another network, or turning off your pop-up blockers.