Mistake friendly writing

The cool way to write notes, to-dos, and appointments.

Looking for a fun tool for meetings?

Need to be organized for meetings and appointments, but you’re tired of carrying around a boring bulky notebook. Wipebook offers a fun way to take notes and keep track of things without the guilt of wasting tons of paper. You’ll be the hippest person at the table. Promise. (Use code savepapernow at checkout for 20% off.)

To-dos, shopping lists, and appointments

Some of us still prefer to write down appointments and shopping lists. We need to stay organized but carrying around bulky old-school notebooks is just not practical. And wasting paper when each page is full is just not good for the environment. Wipebook offers a sleek, gilt-free way to write things down and keep everyone on track. (Use code savepapernow at checkout for 20% off.)

Looking for a neat gift for someone?

Are you looking for a unique gift for that special someone. Maybe your son, daughter, or grandchild perhaps. You could get them a conventional notebook to help with school or as a graduation present. But why not get them a Wipebook so that they have an environmentally friendly way to take notes and be organized too. Pretty sure they'll be impressed with this funky choice. (Use code savepapernow at checkout for 20% off.)


What's a Wipebook?


This is what happens when you cross a whiteboard with a notebook. You end up with an endless reusable notebook that you can fill over and over with sketches, diagrams, notes, lists, or your day’s to-do’s. The forgiving hypergloss film pages encourage unlimited drafts, but limit smudging. Each wipebook comes with a smudge-proof pen so your thoughts and projects stay intact until you decide to reuse a page.

  • Cover: Faux leather cover (we don't kill cows for wipebooks)
  • Includes: Wipebook and one Staedtler 305F-9 no-smudge dry erase pen
  • Binding: Lay-flat brass wire-o binding
  • Technology: Patented UV Hypergloss filmed pages for easy erasing
  • Book includes 20 pages (10 leafs total)
  • Made in Canada
  • Dimensions: 5.8" x 8.25" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.
  • RECOMMENDED: Wipe the pages at least once per week with slightly damp paper towel or microfiber cloth for best results

To-dos and appointments

Write down your to-dos and appointments so that you can keep yourself and everyone else organized.

Only keep notes you want

If you have notes that you want to keep use your favourite mobile scanning application to keep the stuff you want and wipe the rest away.

Perfect size for your purse

Being 5 x 8 inches the mini is the perfect size for your purse or handbag. And with 20 reusable sheets it is really light to carry around.

Smudge proof pages

Each book includes a vegan leather cover and includes smudge proof pen so your notes stay on the pages and come off only when you want them to.

Mini Wipebook Pro

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Pages: 20 ruled pages (10 leafs).

Variants: Available in ruled only.

Size: A5

Staedtler 305F-9 (black) included.

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