You can erase and use it over and over ?!


Oh yes, "the pocket Pro" is like the offspring of a whiteboard & a notebook..... like a tiny baby-sized notebook that wipes clean when all the pages are filled up. You can just keep re-using it over and over again. Why would I ever need another notepad or post-it note?

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$29.99 USD

You can carry it everywhere?


Honestly, it's pretty hard not to carry it everywhere . If something pops into my head when I'm on the go, I pull out my little pocket pro and write my thoughts down. I can be as messy as I want when I'm in a rush, because I know I can just wipe it later. Pretty useful when I'm on the go completing my to do list, I just wipe things off as I get shit done.

Get two for
$29.99 USD

Wait...they come in various sizes?!

That's right! The pocket pro isn't the first sleek reusable notebook to walk this earth. Wipebook actually has an entire family of sleek faux-leather whiteboard notebooks. 

  • Pocket Pro: 3" x 6" ruled/graph pages (10 ruled pages, 10 graph pages/ 10 sheets)
  • Mini Pro: 5.6" x 8" ruled pages (20 pages/10 sheets)
  • Pro: 8.5" x 11", ruled pages (20 pages/10 sheets)

Perhaps you need something a little bigger to replace your wasteful permanent paper notebooks. If so, then consider some of our other options.


Pocket Wipebook Pro

Get one for $29.99 USD

Pocket Wipebook Pro

Mini Wipebook Pro

Get one for $39.99 USD

Whiteboard notebook perfect dry erase tool

Wipebook Pro

Get one for $49.99 USD

Whiteboard notebook dry erase professional

Write it

Work out problems, sketch out solutions, and brainstorm great ideas.

Save it

Use your favorite digitization app to snap and save your notes.

Erase it

Erase what you don't need, and only keep what's valuable.

Re-use it

Wipe your book clean and re-use it over and over again.

Yeah but I'm cheap and I still want to try a Wipebook..

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