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Where have you been all my life?

This newest edition to the Wipebook family includes tanned faux-leather front and back covers with a lay flat wire-o brass binding. The wipebook pro comes in two different sizes so you have tons of room for sketching, diagraming, note taking, and yes, even daily to-do lists. (BTW if you need more room than that you may as well carry around an actual whiteboard, just saying.) And thanks to the patented hypergloss film technology, there is limited smudging when using correctable markers, so you can keep you thoughts and ideas as long you want before wiping them away. You never know, this might be the last notebook you will ever buy!



Order your very own Wipebook Pro today! It might be the last notebook you ever buy :)

Wipebook Pro (social shipping)

Starting at $44.99

Wipebook Pro (social shipping)

Pocket Wipebook Pro (social shipping)

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Pocket Wipebook  Pro (social shipping)

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