Wipebook, your shipping costs suck!


“Hey Wipebook like your product, ordered one a while back, and I want to try the new Pro version, but don’t want to pay for shipping cause $80 dollars to Australia is ridicules.”


That is what Emily from Melbourne told us about a month ago.


And you know what, she was absolutely right.


So Frank and I decided that we needed a solution for this crazy shipping cost conundrum.


So a few weeks ago we sent Emily a bunch of Wipebook Pros. And guess what she paid for shipping? NOTHING!!!


Right now you’re thinking: What? How can you go from $80 for shipping charges to $0 just like that.


I’ll get there, but first a little history lesson:

  • In the beginning there were department stores located downtown in major cities.
  • Then with the advent of mass automobile production, shopping malls starting popping up in the burbs, which kinda’ killed the downtown department stores.
  • Then along came big-box stores, like Walmart and Home Depot, in the 80s and 90s; which kinda’ killed the malls.
  • And then my friends, along came the biggest disruptor of them all, e-commerce, which is presently putting a John-Cena-like strangle hold on big-box, and they too will go the way of the dinosaur soon.


Anyway ….. Enough with the rambling, but here’s the deal, e-commerce the big disruptor of them all noted above needs “ significant volume” to be efficient with shipping charges to customers.


So in order to pass reasonably discounted shipping rates to customers like yourselves, you guessed it, we need to give our carriers more volume.


So, here’s what we did.





Take a look at Emily’s campaign as an example.


Wipebook Whiteboard Notebook Social Shipping




And right now the program is only for the Wipebook Pro or Mini Wipebook Pro. So if you are interested, basically all you have to do is drum up 7 Wipebook Pro or Mini Wipebook Pro orders between you and your friends, and Wipebook will cover the cost of shipping the orders directly to you. No shipping charges involved.


All you have to do is contact us, at shopify@wipebook.com and we’ll set up a campaign web page for you like Emily’s that is linked to our e-commerce store.


We’ll provide you with a link to the page like Emily’s. Then all you have to do is forward the link by email for example to people in your network to get 7 orders.


We take care of the rest. So you don't have to worry about payments, payment information, et cetera.


So to get going with social shipping the only thing you have to do is:


  • Send us an email at shopify@wipebook.com to tell us that you are interested;
  • We’ll build the page for you;
  • You forward the link via email, or facebook, or twitter, to your friends;
  • If your friends want to join your social shipping campaign they place their order by hitting the “Order Now” button as provided in the picture of Emily’s campaign;
  • The Wipebook Pro is added to their cart;
  • They checkout out as per normal and add their respective credit card and other information;
  • Once 7 orders are placed in the campaign, the orders are packaged together and sent to one destination address; the owner of the campaign. Emily in this example.




Let me know if you are interested and we'll create a social shipping campaign for you and your friends so that you can get your Wipebook Pros or Mini Wipebook Pros even cheaper.

Just send us an email.