Wipebook Scan an essential tool for every teacher

Wipebook Scan an essential tool for every teacher




Amy Summers, seventh and eighth grade math and computer science teacher, Amador County Unified School District, California.



I purchased a wipebook scan because I am a math teacher and I  needed a way to make my own images for google documents. I have  been making google form documents as assessments and it takes a  really long time to find a suitable image in any of my materials,  take a photo or save image, and then insert into google form for  a question. I bought the scan because it said "scan" and I  wanted to try the app. I wanted to be able to make a quick  drawing that I can easily put into a google doc very quickly. I  ordered the product, and was nervous that I was impulse buying,  but I was really happy with the product. I can easily make a  math problem, with a mix of graphs, equations, words and whatever  I wanted to really. Then I use the app and then it uploads to my  google drive quite easily.



Wipebook_Teachers_Scan_Math_notes _VNPS_Thinkingclassroom



I'm pretty excited about the possibilities and have already used  it in a way I didn't expect. I make traditional "cloze notes" for  my kids in distance learning while they're watching math videos. I have used a traditional notebook, which I put in my scanner after I'm done, save to my computer then upload to google drive. My most recent notes page I was in a conundrum because I needed  to make notes for "finding area for shapes on a grid". I couldn't use regular composition notebook for that. I ended up  making a whole notes page in my wipebook scan, took a quick photo and then moved it to google drive. It was MUCH quicker than I  expected. I might have to do it for every notes page.






I plan to continue to use a Wipebook in the fall at my new school, in conjunction with OneNote. I bought a spiral bound graph notebook to use for class examples while teaching.  (I should get two more as I'll have 3 different math preps).I also want to pre-plan student notes pages prior to teaching so I don't write more than they need while I"m live teaching. Last year, with sixth graders, I'd just wing it and then they couldn't keep up.  I want to make sure they have useful notes, not just word vomit. I can also use the same pre-planned notes to give to students who have IEP accommodations of teacher provided notes. 



I also bought a small Wipebook Scan to use when I need to take notes at the same time I'm watching a presentation and therefore not able to type or write anything in my surface pro.  Later, I can take a photo of my notes to add to OneNote.




1) I assign the kids Khan Academy video, and have them print or hand copy the video notes I prepared. 

Video Notes- Draw a Quadrilaterals on Coordinate Plane


After they watch the video and do the assigned practice problems, they complete the exit ticket. 

Exit Ticket-Draw Quadrilaterals on Coordinate Plane 



2)  During Zoom meetings with students I use the Wipebook Scan to teach students live by going through the problems with them. 

Zoom Class Example


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