Wipebook Holiday Gift Guide

Are you unsure of what to give this holiday season? We are here to help! We want to help you find the perfect eco-friendly, Canadian made gift for everyone on your list. 

The Teacher

Whether they’re a family member, or your children’s grade teacher, these are great options for all! All products work great with Expo dry erase markers.

Teacher Wipebook Gift Guide

Flipcharts: They come in two variations, Original and Heavy Duty. The main difference being, the Heavy Duty Flipchart's are more durable as they are made from a 'tear proof' material. Both variations come with 10 double sided sheets (blank and graph on each sheet). Works great for VNPS!

Easel: Holds up the Flipchart's, works well for teachers who don’t have a lot of wall space. They fold up flat, so it's easy to store!

Workbooks: Come in packs of 25 so there's enough for each student. These work excellent for individual work!

Expo Markers: Great for students and teachers to create colourful doodles and colour code their notes. Extremely easy to erase which makes it easy to wipe the pages clean!

The Students

Do you want to get the students in your life a practical, but fun product for the holiday season? If so, the Wipebook Notebook and Workbook are calling your name!

Student Wipebook Gift Guide

Notebooks: Come in three variations, plain, lined or graph. Each book has 16 double sided pages (32 surfaces) to doodle, and take notes in. 

Pocket Workbook: A smaller version of the Workbook. Great for working out problems, brainstorming. The size makes it easy to throw in a backpack and bring it wherever you go!

Staedtler Correctable Pens: These great for taking clean notes, brainstorming and the list goes on. Take full advantage of the semi permanent pens by leaving your notes in your notebook for a few days, then use the eraser found on the back of the pen to erase your page clean!

The Professional

Are you looking for a practical versatile gift for the professionals in your family? We have a wide variety of notebooks that are ideal for that person! All products work well with Expo dry erase markers, and Steadtler correctable pens!

Professional Wipebook Gift Guide

Wipebook Scan: The notebook that is great for anyone and anything! The book has 10 double sided pages (20 surfaces) of blank, lined and graph pages.

Wipebook Mini Pro+: The perfect meeting companion. This notebook has 10 double sided pages (20 surfaces), half graphed and the other half lined. It’s the perfect size notebook for carrying around with you wherever you go!

Staedtler Correctable Pens: Leave your notes in your notebook for a few days, then use the eraser on the back of your pen to erase your page clean!

Shop and support local stores this holiday season!