What type of markers do you recommend

So, lately a few customers have asked us about what markers we recommend for writing on our Wipebooks.


WELL, here at Wipebook we recommend 2 specific markers as provided below:



1) STAEDTLER 305-9 Correctables (the black ones)


If you want to keep your notes for a longer period of time, Wipebook’s patented film technology #hypergloss works best with the Staedtler Correctable Marker, 305F-9 (fine) or 305M-9 (medium). 



  • This is our semi-permanent marking solution.
  • Staedtler Correctables work synergistically with our film, and they provide limited smudging.
  • For example, make a mark or doodle, let it sit for about 10 seconds or so, and rub your finger over it.
  • (You'll see what I mean... very limited smudging)
  • NOTES and DOODLES only come off when you want them to.


HOWEVER, Staedtler Correctables DO TAKE a little getting used to.


They can dry out quickly if the cap isn't replaced after use.


BUT WITH THAT BEING SAID their quick-drying action is precisely the reason why they work so well with our film, allowing you the freedom to take notes and draw doodles without worrying so much about smudging.


And you can make changes and correct things quickly and nicely.


Slightly damp paper towel or micro cloth

In fact, with the Correctables, you can use our Wipebook like a whiteboard, removing the notes or doodles with a micro-cloth or paper towel that is SLIGHTLY DAMPENED WITH WATER.


We recommend cleaning ALL your pages at least once a week this way.


2) Expo Ultra Fines


EXPO ultra fine markers work equally well with our #hypergloss. 


wipebook whiteboard notebook dry erase expo



If you're using the Expo markers, we recommend that you remove your marks, notes, and doodles with the Expo cleaning solution when you're done.


AGAIN, we recommend that you clean your pages AFTER USING EXPOS at least once a week with the EXPO CLEANING SOLUTION...



  • They're less expensive when compared to the Staedtler Correctables.
  • And you can find them pretty much anywhere, like Walmart or Staples.
  • Last but not least, they're perfect for use in temporary brain-storming solutions, where you wouldn't care so much about smudging or preserving your notes. 


And there you have it -- the recommended markers for your notebooks and doodles.


Don’t forget to check out our FAQ here and watch the first 2 videos for example if you have time: https://wipebook.com/pages/faqs