Want to make your wipebook notes digital?



Are you enjoying your Wipebook? Excellent! As much as some people enjoy the simple pleasure of brainstorming notes and doodling in their Wipebooks, however, sometimes a user will find they want to save something long-term. A cell phone picture can suffice, but it's worth knowing about scanning apps and finding the right one for you.

Here are a few scanning apps for whiteboards and whiteboard notebooks:

  • Scanbot: Advertised as the leading scanning app for iOS, Scanbot boasts a wide array of features, from scanning all types of media to QR code reading to allowing text in a scan to be selectable. That last feature, however, along with several others, requires buying some version of the app, which can range from $2 to $10. It also requires the user to have an Apple device.
  • Google Drive: Effectively the polar opposite of Scanbot. The Drive app has a free scanning feature, but it is very barebones. About the only thing that makes it better than a simple picture is that text documents are automatically converted into pdfs. However, it bears mentioning since basically all Android users have a Google account, and thus access to Drive.
  • Evernote: A free document program with a subscription service, Evernote's scanning capability is more of a peripheral than a reason to download the app. It is popular, however, so if you already have it, it's worth noting you can use Evernote in this way.
  • Dropbox: A widely used file-sharing app, Dropbox's scanning feature is brand new and very handy, putting scanned files directly into your Dropbox folder. Due to its newness, it currently lacks some of the features Scanbot boasts, but those generally exist in the paid versions of Scanbot. If optical character recognition and password-protecting specific files isn't important enough for you to pay Scanbot to enable, you can have all the same general capabilities without using a second program.

All things being equal, the best option for your Wipebook notes is probably Dropbox. It has both scanning and storage capability, it will most likely be updated with new features going forward, and it's unlikely to be anything other than a free bonus to using the service. The others may work better for specific users, depending on their needs. Do your research, and find what works for you and your whiteboard notebook.