Using MathReps Wipebooks in the Classroom

How do you make math standards practice fun and engaging all while reviewing the standards throughout the school year? One of the most effective ways of practicing math standards is through MathReps by using Wipebook Workbooks. These are an effective tool for educators!

Effective Tools for Educators #MathReps

I love using non-permanent surfaces to review content. I usually use whiteboards for daily practice and quick checks for understanding. Utilizing the reusable MathReps Workbooks to practice math standards has been very effective for my students. The Wipebooks allow students to edit and redo their answers without fearing being wrong. It allows them to restart and redo and if they struggle with solving a math problem. Once the MathRep is done, they can wipe the surface clean and get ready for the following problem!

I have found that the repeated use of MathReps each day has helped lower the cognitive load of the skill. The kids get faster each day of practice, so it is routine for them. I love how there are four different MathReps in the Wipebook Workbook because I can continue to practice the standard even after we have moved on to a different task. It is beneficial when reviewing for state testing. I have had the kids do a different MathRep each day for the last several weeks, and I can see their confidence in their work as they get faster each day! Due to the repeated practice using the Mathreps Workbooks, most of my students have math proficiency in the skills practiced. It is also great because I can give the kids immediate feedback as I walk around the room.

Practicing Different Representations at One Time

Another advantage of this easy-to-use tool is that students can simultaneously see and practice multiple representations. Rather than practicing the skills in isolation, students can begin to bridge the gap between these skills to see the bigger picture. 

"I have seen a massive improvement in their understanding."

Before using MathReps, it was common to introduce the idea of multiplication one skill at a time. For example, we started with repeated addition and then moved on to equal groupings. However, not all the concepts are together on one page. I have seen a massive improvement in their understanding. It’s common for me to have the students practice three multiplication problems, using all of the representations, in less than 10 minutes. They simply wipe off their boards and start again. 

With the MathReps, my students can manipulate and practice different representations of skills, such as multiplication, on the grade 3-4 workbook. This helps my students bridge the concepts and gain a deeper understanding, and I think it has been more effective than practicing these skills in isolation.


Written by: Jessica Milne, Teacher, King City Arts Magnet School

Twitter/X: @KingCityUnionSD

Facebook: King City Union School District