The Kindergarten Chronicles

"My students were so excited to have the opportunity to show off what they had learned..."


As a kindergarten teacher in an elementary school, I know that teachers use and waste a lot of paper! I’m always trying to look for ways to be environmentally friendly. When I found Wipebook Flipcharts it was definitely a game changer! But I’m not the only one that loves our classroom Wipebook, my students do too! They are thrilled when they get the opportunity to use the Wipebook for either quick assessments and collaborative group work.


Students working together using the Flipchart


Paper Saver


As an elementary school teacher, I make and use a variety of different types of anchor charts. Whether it is for math, science or ELA I am forever creating anchor charts to use in my classroom. Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try to save your anchor charts the paper is so flimsy and fragile. Also, if you are a perfectionist like me, and you throw out an entire sheet of paper because you make a single mistake. The Wipebook Flipchart is perfect for that with its reusable feature. These flexible whiteboards are double sided, one side is blank and the other side has graphing boxes.


Using the blank pages on the Flipchart to draw diagrams that can be easily understood


Don’t doubt that students are too young to use Wipebook!


Another one of my favourite things about Wipebook Flipcharts is letting my kindergarten students use them! I let my students work in pairs on the Wipebook to complete quick assessments. My students were so excited to have the opportunity to show off what they had learned during our Animals & Habitats Unit about the lifecycle of a frog. They drew and labeled each stage of the lifecycle of a frog. 


Students working together on a drawing using the Flipchart



Finished product of the students work on the Flipchart


Tara Mollo, Teacher, Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary School


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