Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

"The reusable Wipebook Flipcharts paper eliminates the wastefulness and adds in the fun, collaborative, and engaging learning experience that I was looking for! "


Working in the field of education for the past 8 years has taught me the importance of creating fun and innovative ways to learn with vertical non-permanent surfaces (VNPS). My first graders love to move and need engaging lessons in order to learn. I love this about them! Over time, I have realized that I need innovative tools to help achieve these hands-on and engaging lessons. I am extremely thankful to have found Wipebook to help me in my lessons and create these thinking classroom experiences. My first graders love to work on chart paper, however I do not like using so much paper every day! The reusable Wipebook Flipcharts paper eliminates the wastefulness and adds in the fun, collaborative, and engaging learning experience that I was looking for! 


Solving math problems to build a snowman


My first graders are constantly working on their math fact fluency. We start with addition and move to subtraction half way through the year. I struggle with finding ways to practice fluency that is interesting and fun. I was so thankful for the Wipebook Flipchart to aid us with a team activity to not only practice our fluency, but build a snowman while we worked! Students were excited to form teams to see who could build their snowman first! 


Students building their snowmen by working on their fact fluency.


Working together to solve problems on the Flipcharts


Teamwork in First Grade


I love that I can separate the Flipchart and that it can easily be put back together at the end of usage! I divided my kids into groups of 4 for this math challenge. Students had to write out different math problems on the Flipcharts, solve them and then show me so that they could draw another part of their snowman. My first graders love when they are given a chance to use whiteboard markers and so this is another positive about the Wipebook flipcharts! My teams raced to solve their problems, if they did not get a question correct they were able to quickly erase and try again. I love that they didn’t have to cross out problems or scribble out mistakes. The students created their snowman faster than I thought they would, they wanted more problems before the end of the activity! I also took pictures of their snowman, uploaded it through the Wipebook app to Google Drive and was able to print out their snowman for them to colour!


Taking turns answering questions to build their snowman




Another favourite use of my Wipebook Flipchart is for my whole group reading lessons. We have been using an awesome program called "Fundations". Weekly, we are assigned a story to read as a class. I love being able to reuse the same paper instead of using 15 pieces of paper! I also have students mark different words or letters throughout the story based on what we are learning about. This week students had to come up and circle any words with a suffix -s at the end! The kids love to take turns and find all of the words. I am then able to take a picture and send it through the app. This gives me an opportunity to print out the passages, with the students’ marks, and send them home to parents. I love creating that connection at home! 


Using Flipcharts to solve snowman problems with vnps


I am so thankful for Wipebook and the multiple learning opportunities it gives my students throughout the day! I am sure as the year progresses, I will find more ways to use them in my classroom! 


Angela Horst, Teacher, Lititz Christian School


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