Do you know why introverts deliver knock out presentations

We know introverts. You may also know one. You may be one.


And although there are endless negative descriptions labeling introverts as "shy", "anti-social", and "unapproachable", there are also countless positive traits that the introvert possesses.


One you may not have been aware of is their incredible ability to give knockout professional presentations.


Now, you may be wondering how that's possible. Extroverts are the attention-grabbing, impromptu-giving, persuasive speakers, right? Perhaps.


But here are the reasons why introverted individuals are just as capable (if not more) of delivering excellent presentations.


They Plan


The key to success as a presenter is to plan and prepare, which is what introverts do best. They figure out exactly what their presentation is about, they do the research, they write out the main points, and they practice to no end.


Why is this beneficial?


Your job as the speaker is to present information to your audience that's clear and concise.  Your ideas should flow and be easy to follow. Now if you're an extrovert, this may sound tedious. Introverts, however, are naturally skilled in their ability to plan ahead and organize. It's basically second nature, and what makes you an exceptional presenter.


Preparation Gives Them The Extrovert's Confidence


You will almost never see an introvert on a speaking platform in front of a crowd with nothing to say. It's their nightmare. So they prepare. They'll spend hours going over notes, making sure there won't be one single opportunity for an awkward silence or a forgotten bullet point. The more they practice, the more comfortable they feel.


By presentation time, their confidence has skyrocketed. They're less tense and more relatable to their audience, which makes the presentation more interesting.


Outliers, written by Malcolm Gladwell, mentions the 10,000 hour rule, which states that a minimum of 10,000 hours is required in order to master a skill. If you have that kind of time to spare, awesome. But it basically means this: if you want success you've got to put in the time. Few things in life are ever achieved without preparation, organization, and planning. If you are an introvert, your natural abilities put you ahead of the game. Continue to do what you're best at, and don't be afraid to step out and showcase your talents.


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