Cloud Connectivity for One-on-One Educational Initiatives

"The learners see the book as more than just a worksheet, they also find that the numerous pages within the Wipebook Pro + provides them with enough pages to work through their thoughts."


The Traditional Classroom and Private Tutoring

The traditional classroom provides an avenue for many learners to engage in collaborative work, together, under the supervision of a teacher or facilitator. There are, however, learners that benefit highly from a tailored one-on-one education approach. A popular option that continues to persist is private tutoring. A tutor and learner engage in a very specific education pathway that is customized to focus on the success of the learner, thus, classroom teaching methods in the classical sense are almost ineffective in this environment.


Student working through problems on the Wipebook pro +


Leveraging Wipeable Surfaces

Paper is cheap. It is highly accessible and timeless. However, with an increasing awareness of the impacts of climate change, and the various mechanisms that are involved in paper production and disposal, it has become high time to adjust the way learners and instructors, alike, view the disposability of paper. The eco-friendly and reusable Wipebook suite of products provides a viable and sustainable alternative to paper. By leveraging wipeable surfaces, both learners and instructors are less likely to waste paper, and subsequently, understand the value of re-appropriating surfaces for new problems or workspaces. One caveat is obvious, however. Keeping information is important too, and erasing it could lead to the loss of information. The dry erase Wipebook products have already considered this issue, which leads us to the next section.


Digitizing Information, Storing Knowledge

In my private tutoring, I use the Wipebook Pro +. It is a sturdy and professional workbook that has impressed itself upon my learners. The learners see the book as more than just a worksheet, they also find that the numerous pages within the Wipebook Pro + provide them with enough pages to work through their thoughts. At the end of a lesson or topic section, the students can, using the Wipebook App, scan the image, and have the image filtered and saved to their phone. Additionally, students can also connect their app to their cloud-storage provider, and have their work uploaded to the cloud for future reference. As an instructor, I value this a lot, since I have the option to create folders within the app, each one labeled for a specific learner, and I can simply scan the worksheet and upload it to their cloud account.


Close up of student working on the Wipebook pro +.


Optimizing Traditional Writing with Technology

With a growing number of teaching and learning tools, it is becoming more and more evident that an optimized approach to ensuring efficient teaching is necessary. Products such as E-paper and other tablets with smart pens require batteries, and paper requires production and disposal. I have found that in my private tutoring business, the Wipebook Pro + is situated within the Goldilocks Zone of one-on-one teaching and learning, as it provides an immediate and tactile work surface, integrated with cloud-connected application support. This has proven to be an effective mechanism to help my learners grow.


Max Salman, University Instructor, McMaster University


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