An Underwriter? What's That?

What? An underwriter?


So what is that? Sounds like a scary profession to me -- maybe a copy writer turned zombie? Or Edgar Allan Poe meets "Six Feet Under" ....


Getting to the point: As a small-to-medium-size business owner, I take pride in the fact that I do my fair share of customer support.


And I take time to listen to my customers for a couple of reasons. First of all, it allows me to quickly identify any issues that we may have with our products and processes. And two, it gives me a chance to interact with them and see what they love -- or hate -- about our products and services.


For example, recently I was chatting with Kimon. During our conversation he indicated -- and this was a real learning opportunity for me -- that he was an “underwriter.”


I asked him what his job was all about. It actually had nothing at all to do with zombies or undertakers.


So my next thought was: "How is Kimon using the Wipebook in this context?" This is what he had to say:


"I currently use a Mini Wipebook Pro at my work as an underwriter.


My tasks typically take about two-to-three weeks from the time they're assigned to the point of completion. During that time, I have to go through different steps. Each one requires a separate set of notes to be tracked in the process.


I use your product for keeping notes on the progress of each task, notes for determining what the next step will be, and general notes. I also like to use a different color ink to represent different things -- so the ability to do that and to be able to completely erase my work later is very helpful.


Plus, I was a Math major in college, and I did a lot of my work on white boards. So having something that's mobile and at the same time is a white board is great!


This second order is for me so that I can have a Mini Wipebook Pro specifically at home for personal tasks. Keep up the great work! It's definitely appreciated!"


Awesome, Kimon. You so get us. And the Wipebook. Thank you.


Love hearing about how there are so many different uses for our whiteboard notebooks.