A Math Teacher's Perspective on Wipebook's Reusable Notebook

"I love using it on a day-to-day basis, and my kids love doodling on them!"


My name is Amy Mathewson. I am a 6th grade math teacher in Forney, Texas. Over the last few years of teaching, many of the teaching communities I am a part of have been raving about how much they love using their Mini Wipebook Scan. I have seen people using them non-stop and have been wanting to use it for a long time!


They use the whiteboard notebooks in their classrooms for many different purposes. I have been wanting to try a reusable notebook myself and just recently got this amazing opportunity.


Unicorn Doddle


I recently got my first Mini Wipebook Scan; this reusable notebook is living up to the hype in every way! I love using it on a day-to-day basis, and my kids love doodling on them. I have also been using it every single day to contain all of the thoughts about my classroom that are swimming through my mind during this summer break. Being able to write out all of my to-do lists, problem-solving and great ideas that I have for my public school classroom this coming fall has been amazing!


Wipebook Uses


The different pages in the Wipebook and rewriting tools, allow me to have a page dedicated to every different area of teaching. The ease of erasing and rewriting on each whiteboard sheet allows me to come back to the ideas again and again and keep tweaking them without having to cross out things I want to change and get out a new piece of wasteful paper. 


I can already see how much this product will help my students as well! Math is all about trial and error. Unfortunately, many students do not feel they have the freedom to truly keep trying and adjusting as they learn new concepts. 


Wipebook Notes



I think that the Wipebook Flipchart would be an amazing product to add to my classroom this upcoming school year. I look forward to purchasing more of their products in the future for the students!



School Year


Using Wipebook's reusable notebooks makes trial and error seem incredibly easy! I can’t wait to purchase more Wipebook products so that I can see my students succeed this coming school year.


 Grid Pages

Amy Mathewson, Elementary School Math Teacher in Forney, Texas



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