Hello doodle, my old friend - I’ve come to talk about you again

Idea is science

Fact*: Some of the best artwork out there originated during especially long and buzz-wordy meetings. 

Fact*: Doodling was once considered childish and useless - disrespectful, even. Then science came along and enlightened the naydoodlers. Okay, perhaps “enlightened” is a stretch, but there is research which demonstrates that doodling can help improve your learning and memory. In fact, someone started a whole doodling revolution.

That’s great news! Why? Because it means doodle o’clock all day long.  Because this encourages people who may not consider themselves “visual thinkers” to pick up a pen or marker and start sketching out their ideas. This is thinking-out-loud at its best, so it’s good to see the simple practice of doodling get more acceptance in the boardroom. You don’t know when or where your next big idea will strike, but you can be sure that nothing great ever achieved, had roots that were more complex than a few simple squiggly lines. Take a close look at the tweet below for instance. 

P.S. We launched the Kickstarter for the Wipebook Pro (a work of art, truth be told). You have a little under a month to contribute to the campaign and get your hands on one or several of these beauties. Thank you!

*These may or may not be Frank Facts.