Office Evolution: Working from home and the mobile office space


Work from home doodle

Since the advent of the laptop, working from home has become an increasingly attractive option. It reduces stress and makes for happier, healthier, efficient workers. You’re also thinking about working from home because...

Commuting kills the soul

If you’re a commuter, you probably think about working from home every day after you pray to the traffic gods and brave the road. Imagine all the things you could be doing instead of commuting: exercise, errands, or finishing a pressing project. While “more work” is hardly appealing, having a time buffer is useful during crunch-time. Alternatively, use your bonus time for fun things like sleeping, eating, or mapping out your next project.

Pants are overrated

Working at home allows you all the comforts you need, including working from your couch in your pajamas. While some tasks are easier IRL, you may need the solace of your own space for complicated tasks (or to get out of earshot of that one loud co-worker). A home office gives you ultimate control over your environment: why not listen to death metal in a haphazardly arranged home office while churning out code?

Because you are the boss of you

Working from home gives you the flexibility to work around your inspiration (read: work however, whenever you want as long as the work gets done on-time). You might need to switch up your environment and take your ideas and portable whiteboard to a nearby coffee shop. The point is: different people need different things to do their best work.

Pro tip: Make sure to tell your boss that working from home increases productivity between 10-20%.