Wipebook's Online Pumpkin Carving Contest

Hey Fellow Wipers:
Welcome to Wipebook's second annual online pumpkin carving contest. Use your favourite Wipebook variant to mock-up a cool and creative design for a chance to win a Wipebook bundle valued at over $60, including a Ruled Wipebook Notebook, 4 Wipebook Workbooks, and a correctable marker to complete the package.  
Send your design to one of:
  • shopify@wipebook.com;
  • https://twitter.com/wipebook;
  • https://www.facebook.com/Wipebook; and
  • https://instagram.com/wipebook
Please send us your best photo  --  send only one please; no need for duplicates. 

We'll publish the winner on the evening of October 31st.
Have a good one.