A lofty summer...not to be confused with lazy summer days

Summer sun has arrived!

And it brings with it the glorious patio season, and some questionable fashion choices (not judging here, but would like to point out that socks and sandals shouldn’t be a thing).

While we may wish we could play hooky for the next month or so, the consolation prize for many of us is a change in the pace of our work. Gone are the late nights pushing for deadlines, getting delivery, and skipping laundry night.

Intense project work usually slows down this time of year, and creates an opportunity for us to shift our focus from the busy daily routine to something that allows for more introspection and long-term planning.

When the sun begins to tempt you for an early escape from the office, why not take the opportunity to work differently. Get inspired by working outside, on a dock for example, or in a park, with a delicious blended drink in your hand? Take the time - really - to sort through ideas that have been on hold, and explore new ideas that come up from this new place of restoration and relaxation.

You never know....

The time away from the cubicle helps you look at things from a new perspective, and maybe you’ll find yourself reassessing your long-term strategy under the shade of a tree by a fountain. Exactly what was your plan for world domination anyway? Don’t wait for the apple to hit you on the head to figure that out ;)

Changes as small as trying new tools can also inspire us to think beyond our usual mental constructs, and find new and improved ways to work - or at least different enough to give us a second wave of energy and inspiration. On those summer days where you decide to take yourself out of the closed-off spaces and into public places, open your mind to the summer-infused smells, sights, and sounds. But grab a notepad or Wipebook to have a place for the ideas to land, if only for a little while. Leave your laptop and limited battery time behind in the office, and give yourself some digital time-off. It's summer, after all.

Take advantage of the fine weather, and mix up your work habits. Break out of the office bubble, and invest in yourself. Stepping out into the sun is an investment in your health, your mood, and your future. Because the better you feel, the better your work becomes.

Oh, please wear a hat, SPF, and pack some water when you venture out in the heat. We’re all for summertime fun, but a melted brain and a wicked burn are not part of the deal.