The Importance of Recognizing that Productivity is About Focus

 productivity and focus

Creative minds deserve an effective means by which they can bring their ideas to life. Interestingly, sometimes the most effective tools to foster creativity are the simplest ones. By escaping the distractions of technology and employing a tool that will foster your creativity, you can restore your productivity. It's really that simple. 

Technology Does not Generate Ideas or Products

Productivity is about focus. Unfortunately, the continued evolution of technology has made it increasingly difficult to focus on creativity and productivity. The constant banter of social media can be distracting and counterproductive. (Of which I am guilty of by the way.) While tablets may contain a host of apps and programs, I've come to realize that all of the technology in the world cannot create a ground-breaking idea or product. You,on the other hand, have the ability to employ your creativity to come up with fresh ideas and solve problems.

Sometimes the Simplest Tools are the Best at Stimulating Creativity

It is amazing how a simple sketch or a few minutes of doodling can lead to the design of the most incredible products on the market. By removing the distractions of technology, you can regain your focus and zero in on creating something awesome. You can brainstorm and organize your ideas as they enter your mind without worrying about the battery life or functionality of an app on a tablet. No distractions and impedances; just free flowing ideas.

Choosing the Best Medium to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Whiteboards, and whiteboard notebooks provide a simple, distraction-free means by which you can fuse your productivity and creativity. The portability and user-friendly design of whiteboard notebooks gives you the added benefit though in that it allows you to sketch your ideas as soon as they enter your mind -- pretty much anywhere. And because they use simple dry erase markers, there is no need to worry about battery life, viruses, or the constraints imposed on us by an app or software application. The simplicity of the these tools allows you to focus, be productive, and bring your ideas to life distraction free. The perfect notebook medium for students and office professionals alike.