Wipebook Flipchart (bootstrap)

Wipebook Flipchart (bootstrap)

Get everyone engaged

Wipebook Flipchart (bootstrap)

Remember how good it felt when you saw someone persevere through a tough problem.

Sometimes you just need to provide the right tool to someone so they can be free to make mistakes and work things out.

This new Bootstrap Wipebook flipcharts provides you 20X the surface area of a similar sized whiteboard. Work on your design recipe in large teams, and iterate through your learning!

  • 5 regular sheets (graph & blank pages )
  • 5 bootstrap sheets (design recipe)
  • 24'x 36';
  • Surfaces detach and re-attach
  • Save your work: Compatible with FREE Wipebook Scan App
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    Choose the right flipchart for your needs!

    Heavy Duty
    The heavy duty flipchart is made from a synthetic "tear-proof" paper . Ultra durable sheets for long term use.

    The original flipchart with graph & blank sheets. Includes a storage cap to detach & reattach your sheets.

    The Wipebook Easel is the perfect add on to hold all your sheets vertically anywhere.

    Never lose your work

    Remember when you needed to share that perfect whiteboard moment, but someone had erased it? The Wipebook flipchart was designed for groups & teams who need to save their ideas to collaborate. Work things out, scan your work and reuse your flipchart over and over again. The Wipebook Scan App saves your work and uploads it to your favorite cloud service like google drive, evernote, dropbox and onedrive. Best of all, the app is FREE!

    What is a Wipebook Flipchart and how does it work?

    When you want to tackle a tough problem sometimes you just need an erasable surface like a whiteboard to allow you make mistakes and work things out. Wipebook flipcharts erase just like your standard whiteboards; but have multiple detachable and re-attachable surfaces in a pack which allows you to set them up anywhere. The tool for anyone who needs large impromptu whiteboard surfaces. Perfect for training sessions and for classrooms.


    Work things out like you would on a whiteboard. But Anywhere....


    Never lose your work by scanning it to your favorite cloud service with the new Wipebook Scan App.


    Wipe things away knowing that your work is stored in a safe place.


    A fresh new surface to work on every time. Re-use it over and over again.

    The tool for groups who need to problem solve..

    Want to learn more about the Wipebook Flipchart? Then check out this hands on video.

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