Staedtler Wipebook

The temporary writing tool

The staedtler wipebook is the ultimate whiteboard notebook for the individual who needs to work things out. First a whiteboard, then a notebook. It allows you to iterate through your ideas, and only keep the best ones forever. And if you are really want to be eco-friendly, erase your wipebook over and over and let this be the last notebook you ever buy.

Random Access Writing (RAW)

Most times, committing thoughts to paper feels too final and this inhibits our ability to create freely. Enjoy the freedom of using a whiteboard with the added portability of a notebook.

Research has shows that writing on non-permanent media actually enhances one's ability to solve problems or work out solutions. If computers can have RAM, then why can't we have RAW?

Erase it

Write & Wipe through your ideas

Bring it

Bring it everywhere you go

Show it

Looking good!

Save it

Digitize & erase, or keep notes forever!

Staedtler Wipebook

This newest edition to the Wipebook family includes staedtler blue front and back covers with a lay flat silver colored wire-o brass binding. And being a full size dry erase notebook, 5.8" x 8.25"   , you have tons of room for sketching, diagraming, note taking, and yes, even daily to-do lists. (BTW if you need more room than that you may as well carry around an actual whiteboard, just sayin’.) And thanks to the patented hypergloss film technology, there is limited smudging when using correctable markers, so you can keep you thoughts and ideas as long you want before wiping them away. You never know, this might be the last notebook you will ever buy!


Pages: 32 ruled pages (16 leafs).

Variants: Available in ruled only.

Size: 5.8" x 8.25"   

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