Pocket Wipebook Pro

Pocket Wipebook Pro

Pocket Wipebook Pro

Re-write, re-draw, and re-do anywhere. The Wipebook Pocket Pro is the ultimate reusable whiteboard notebook with our new hypergloss film that makes erasing and reusing better than ever. It is the perfect tool for anyone who loves brainstorming on the go or making simple lists anywhere. Pocket sized to fit in any pocket or purchase.
  • 20 pages; 10 graph + 10 ruled
  • 6" x 2.5" size;
  • Includes penholder & correctable marker
  • Compatible with FREE Wipebook Scan App

$39.99 x  

They come in different shapes and sizes?!

You can carry it everywhere?

Honestly, it's pretty hard not to carry it everywhere . If something pops into my head when I'm on the go, I pull out my little pocket pro and write my thoughts down. I can be as messy as I want when I'm in a rush, because I know I can just wipe it later. Pretty useful when I'm on the go completing my to do list, I just wipe things off as I get shit done.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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ekh from Oregon

This is the third Pocket Wipebook I have ordered over the years. My spouse finds them indispensable in making his daily lists. The only problem is that he periodically loses them! His fault entirely - not a problem in design. Obviously, he needs to keep lists to not lose himself!

Crazy Handy

I prefer this to the paper notebooks I've been carrying around. Crazy handy. Absolutely recommend getting the correctable pen with it.

Great for those "I need a piece of paper" moments

Just got this and I am putting it to work to keep track of my student's projects. I need to keep their questions at hand but I don't need to keep them forever, and using this allows me to keep a record until I can erase it and use the Pocket Pro again. And have extra sheets allows me to do more than one class at a time. I am looking forward to ordering the Planning Pads for my classroom. Great product, well made, and a great way to demonstrate earth stewardship to my students.

Makes my job easier

As someone that takes notes all the time, this product has made my job easier. It fits in my pocket and I enjoy that the pages are double sided. I love that with the pen provided my notes do not smear. What a great way to stay organized on the spot at work!

Getting Things Done your way!

Using it at work for a magical to do list you can complete and wipe and repeat.
It's so convenient that all my colleagues ask me what is it and where it comes from.
Perfectly useful and great for the planet too. ^_^

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