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Introducing the Wipebook Starter Pack:

Wipebook is offering an Education Starter Pack so that students and teachers can try out some of our sustainable tools, which are designed to help students, and educators work things out and do creative problem solving. Perfect for math educators who are looking to implement multiple whiteboards in their classroom quickly and cost effectively.

The education starter pack includes:

  • A Wipebook Flipchart;
  • A Wipebook Notebook Plain;
  • A Wipebook Workbook Graph;
  • Two single correctable markers;

The correctables are for use with the notebooks, and are designed to work with our notebooks and workbooks to minimize smudging. And the tri-plus works with the wipebook flipcharts; just like a regular dry erase...


List price is $99.95 , but the special teacher starter pack price OFFER is $74.95.

Wipebook Flipchart


SKU: 817596000907
Heavy Duty
SKU: 817596001003
Mini Heavy Duty
SKU: 817596001478

Wipebook Workbooks


Original (25 Pack)
SKU: 817596001034
MathReps K-2 (25 pack)
SKU: 817596001539
MathReps K-3 (25 pack)
SKU: 817596001522
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