Mini Wipebook Pro +
Mini Wipebook Pro +
Mini Wipebook Pro +
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Mini Wipebook Pro +

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You know that special feeling when you work something out on a fresh new erasable whiteboard? Well imagine that feeling at your fingertips, everywhere you go. Introducing the mini Wipebook Pro+; with a mix of erasable graph & ruled pages, and an innovative smudge-proof pen, you’ll be unconstrained to work out your best ideas while syncing everything up to the cloud.

  • 20 pages; 10 graph (5mm/10mm) + 10 ruled
  • Sleek black faux-leather covers
  • 5.8" x 8.3" size
  • Patented “hypergloss” dry erase paper
  • Rounded design & premium materials for long-term use
  • Includes penholder & correctable marker
  • Compatible with FREE Wipebook Scan App

Work, Scan & Erase

The new mini Wipebook Pro + was designed for those who need that optimized workflow. Work things out, scan a page and reuse your wipebook over and over again. The Wipebook Scan App saves your work and uploads it to your favorite cloud service like google drive, evernote, dropbox and onedrive. Best of all, the app is FREE!

What is a Wipebook and how does it work?

When you want to tackle a problem, sometimes you just need an erasable surface like a whiteboard to work things out. Wipebooks are paper notebooks that erase just like your own personal whiteboard. With multiple sheets in a book, you don't have to be limited in surface area, and their small size allows you to bring them anywhere. These simple whiteboard notebooks are the perfect tool for anyone who wishes they always had a whiteboard at their fingertips.


Work things out like you would on a whiteboard. Anywhere.


Scan your work to your favorite cloud service with the new Wipebook Scan App.


Wipe things away knowing that your work is stored in a safe place.


A fresh new canvas to work on every time. Re-use it over and over again.

Brand and Customize your Wipebook

If your team is full of thinkers, doers and problem solvers, then consider providing them the perfect corporate gift. Branded Wipebooks also make great gifts for clients or conference attendees. Request a quote today!

See the mini Wipebook Pro+ in action!

Want to learn more about the mini Wipebook Pro +? Then check out this hands on video.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Monica Salinas
very practical

I like the small version of wipebook. It fits in my purse and I write reminders in it and grocery shopping list that I can erase rather than use so many postit paper notes

Julia Ramirez
Have it since Dragon Den!

I had the original school note book like. And still use it.
Bought this leather like which looks more professional and allows for a more detail notes. The scanning doesn’t make a difference for me.

Love it!

Ranjit P

Super handy and works great. Can wipe it quickly and reuse within seconds. Highly recommended.

Awesome, but be gentle

This is way handier than the desktop whiteboards I had been using. It's awesome all around. The only negative I had is that I was trying to clean a page without using water and ended up ripping the page out of the binding by accident. Be gentle with it, and it will serve you well.

It just works

I prefer using an old-fashioned "pen and paper method" to take notes instead of a laptop or a phone. I feel it simply allows for more creativity and flexibility - and I like to draw. Plus, I feel that using a phone or laptop in a meeting for taking notes distracts me more. But the problem with this was that the paper notebooks I have used are never around, so it’s impossible to refer back to any old notes or thoughts.
Well, not anymore. Now I get to write and draw all I like and all notes are neatly organized and available wherever I may need them. Wipebook just works for me perfectly. I originally thought about the regular size Wipebook but after getting my hands on the Mini Wipebook Pro+ I wouldn’t want to change it. It’s small, light and convenient, just what I need for my meetings to take notes or sketching and illustrating things like process descriptions, UIs and other visualizations…
I recommend any business professionals to try Wipebook, it may just change the way you work.