Mini Wipebook Pro

Mini Wipebook Pro


Re-work, Re-draw & Re-write

Most times, committing thoughts to paper feels too final and this inhibits our ability to create freely. Enjoy the freedom of using a whiteboard with the added portability of a small notebook. No chords. No batteries. No barriers. You never know, this just might be the last notebook that you ever buy.

Sketch & Draw Anywhere

Take temporary notes, brainstorm, and communicate your awesome ideas to colleagues in style. Wipebook’s patented film is awesome because you get very limited smudging allowing you to quickly write, wipe, and repeat, in an eco-friendly fashion without wasting tons of paper!

Re-write, re-draw, and re-do anywhere. The Mini Wipebook Pro Notebook is the ultimate reusable whiteboard notebook with our new hypergloss film that makes erasing and reusing better than ever. It is the perfect tool for anyone who loves brainstorming on the go in style. Avoid paper waste by using our sleekest whiteboard notebook to date. 



Pages: 20 ruled pages (10 leafs)

Variants: Available in ruled only, light, non-intrusive grey, so you can still sketch yet have a guide for notes and writing

Size: A5

Cover: Faux leather cover (we don't kill cows for wipebooks)

Binding: Lay-flat brass wire-o binding

Technology: Patented UV Hypergloss filmed pages for easy erasing

Dimensions: 5.8" x 8.25" x 0.25"

Weight: 0.5 lb

Staedtler 305F-9 (black) included

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Mini Wipebook Pro

$44.99 USD
The Wipebook Pro’s smaller sibling is an ultra portable stylish whiteboard notebook for the innovator in you. Because of it’s smaller size, you will always have it with you when that perfect idea just comes to mind.

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