Think Before you Code with Wipebook

Think Before you Code with Wipebook


"When I tried Wipebook, I immediately understood what a helpful tool this is."


They always teach you to think before you code, and the best way to think is to write pseudocode, draw diagrams and wireframes and create logic scenarios. Sometimes this process can get messy. You waste a lot of paper, keep drawing and redrawing. If you use a pen and now have to make changes, you have to start over again before creating a mess out of your notes.  


Many people like digital note-taking, and that's fine. However, writing things down helps me think, visualize and analyze better. So I always try to look for different ways to step up my note-taking game. Recently, I got the chance to try a unique notebook – the Wipebook Mini Scan. What makes this notebook unique is the fact that you will never run out of pages! How can this be? Well, the pages are not made out of regular paper. They are made out of special material that allows you to use a dry erase marker to write things down, erase them and write them down repeatedly. Doesn't this eco-friendly notebook sound great? I definitely think so!


Coding with Wipebook Scan


When I tried Wipebook, I immediately understood what a helpful tool this is. First, let's say how great it is that it's reusable and you're not constantly wasting paper. Second, you have everything in one notebook, and anything you don't need, you can just erase. If you write down logic with step by step process and want to make some changes - you can just remove what you don't need without creating a mess and wasting paper. And the whole process is clean and headache-free. It is also great to write down everyday tasks and make to-do lists and other daily reminders.


Note-taking with Wipebook Scan


I know the big question is - what if you need to save some of the notes you took?! Well, a big bonus is that Wipebook comes with an app you can download to your mobile phone. This app can help you save any notes you want with just a click of a button. You can keep all your notes in one place and organize them however you want. You can create different folders, connect the app to other note-taking apps, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more. Honestly, I'm not sure how I lived without a Wipebook before.


Anastasia Khomochkina, Fourth Year Software Development Student


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