Reducing Paper Waste One Wipebook at a Time!

Reducing Paper Waste One Wipebook at a Time!




"Students even asked to practice their multiplication on the Wipebook during recess time."


My students recently completed the Trash Tracker program by the Gaia project.  This program consisted of collecting, measuring, and finding solutions to reduce our school's waste footprint. We dug deep into our K-5 garbage. Our biggest waste as a school is paper! In one day alone, we shockingly collected over 2.440 kilograms of paper waste. Our main goal after our waste audit was to reduce paper usage in our classroom.



That same week, Wipebook posted on Twitter that they were searching for teachers to review their products. I evidently volunteered! Within a few days, I received the Wipebook Anchor Charts. These reusable and erasable anchor charts are just what my students needed to start their journey on reducing paper waste in our classroom.






The Wipebook anchor chart comes in a pack of 10 detachable pages that include both a graph and blank side. The possibilities with this product are endless. In just a few days, these anchor charts have become a vital tool in our everyday routines. Here are a few examples of how we've used them in the classroom so far:



 Literacy Routine using Wipebook Flipcharts:



Students use the anchor chart for the writing component of our routine. They LOVE it! The large work surface allows them to write down their ideas. The erasable surface allows them to make mistakes and correct them. Once students are done with their work, they can use the Wipebook Scan app to record their work. The App is user friendly and a great formative assessment tool for teachers. At the end of the day, I go through the pictures and take note of their work.






Reusable Flipcharts during Numeracy Routine:



In our Numeracy routine, we used them in a small group setting. We are currently learning 2 by 1 digit multiplication. The large surface has enough room for 5 students to work on at a time. Amazing! The reusable surface makes it easy for students to correct themselves if they miscalculate or miss a step. Students even asked to practice their multiplication on the Wipebook during recess time.






We’ve been using the Wipebook Flipchart for over a week now. Here are my main observations:



  1. They increase students' level of engagement.
  2. They are perfect for collaborating and brainstorming.
  3. They are convenient and flexible.
  4. They are kinesthetic and visual.
  5. They make learning more fun!



The Anchor Charts have been a big hit in the classroom. I can’t wait to buy more Wipebook products for my students in the fall.



Veronique A. Baisley, Grade 4 French Immersion, Gretna Green School. 



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