Get outside with Wipebook Flipcharts

Get outside with Wipebook Flipcharts



Wearing a mask for an entire school day inside has been an adjustment for everyone. Students have found it uncomfortable and distracting when trying to learn new things. Teachers have found it to be equally as distracting trying to explain and teach new topics to students without them being able to see their facial expressions. Although there are many ways to help boost students' morale, the one we will be focusing on today is the many benefits of bringing the classroom outside. 






We all know that students need to be engaged in order to completely understand the work that needs to be done in the classroom. Students often get sluggish half way through the day and they lose motivation by the end of the day. Bringing students outside not only allows them a change of scenery but also keeps them engaged in the lesson and can help keep them motivated when returning into the classroom.






There are many different ways to use Flipcharts outdoors, you can do your usual lesson outside with the Wipebook Flipchart on our Wipebook Easel sitting in the grass or on a picnic table.You can get students moving outside by creating educational scavenger hunts and games or you and allow students to explore nature with a mathematical lens, finding different patterns and math concepts in nature. As an educator, I used the Wipebook Flipcharts to create a math driven outdoor game. Students were able to keep score on their flipcharts, and graph out problems that were given during the game. They loved being outside while learning math!!



Wipebook Flipcharts allow students to get outside! They  are durable enough to withstand moving around on the grass or dirt outside. They are lightweight and easy to move around, allowing students to get comfortable in any environment. They come in packs of 10 that allow the students to work in small groups anywhere, and the students have an opportunity to write down ideas, workout word problems on a whiteboard surface.



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