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“Wipebook has changed note-taking to make it easy and eco friendly!” 



As a university student, I am constantly taking notes. Although most of my notes are now digital, I still like to take some by hand for certain courses and assignments I’m working on. However, I am always reluctant to do so because I hate how much paper I waste. At the end of each semester, I often find myself throwing away at least a notebook per class, but with my Wipebook, it is different! 




My Wipebook Pro allows me to take as many handwritten notes as I want, without feeling the guilt of wasting paper. The lined pages and Steadtler correctable pen that comes with it, makes it easy to take clean notes. The notebook itself has a nice clean faux-leather cover which blends in well when I use it in an education as well as professional setting.



student working with Wipebook



I most often find myself using my Wipebook for solving problems, brainstorming ideas, writing to do lists, and taking class notes which I later upload to my computer using the Wipebook App. I find the app extremely useful when I’m doing group work as I will bring my Wipebook to our meeting to write down ideas and information, then I will use the app to upload it and share it with my group members.





In addition to the product itself, something else that makes this company stand apart from others for me, is the fact that it is a Canadian start-up company. Coming from a small town I know the importance of supporting local businesses, so I am happy to find a local business where I can purchase my notebooks from.





Overall, I would highly recommend the Wipebook Pro, or any Wipebook product for that matter to anyone! It is the perfect product to write down what’s on your mind, take notes, make to-do lists, and the list goes on. The best part of all is when you’re done with your notes you just wipe them all away!


Paige Forrest, University of Ottawa Student 



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